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Why do some cavity wounds treated with honey heal without scarring
There are three ways in which thickened honey and visco-elastic sugar paste may help to reduce scarring: 1) Saccharides at the wound surface encourage the production of hyaluronic acid from glucose, simultaneously suppressing the formation of fibre-forming collagens. 2) The sugar preparations at the wound bed create an environment that enables wound-healing proteoglycans to exert their effects without producing excessive quantities of collagens. 3) The sugars combine with the polypeptide chains of nascent collagen by covalent or hydrogen bonding at hydroxylysine or hydroxyproline groups. The saccharide attachments to the nascent collagen may result in branching of the triple-stranded helical structure of collagens. This will produce the mesh-like scaffold structure of collagen type IV.
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Waarom helen sommige diepe wonden met honing of suikerpasta zonder littekens?
Evenals het hebben van antimicrobiële eigenschappen, wordt honing en suikerpasta geassocieerd met het helen van diepe wonden zonder littekenvorming. Dit artikel gebruikt een aanwijzing om te suggereren waarom deze producten buitensporige collageen productie kunnen reguleren om littekenvorming te voorkomen.
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