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Clinical Evaluation L-Mesitran Vandeputte, EWMA Journal 2003 Vol3 nr2
A non-randomised comparison with a similar photo-documented standardized database with other dressings suggest that the honey ointment is faster healing than other high tech dressings. We surmise that this ointment has a very quick debriding and antibacterial activity. The new honey ointment should be compared directly to other available high tech dressings to quantify any difference in effect on healing.
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Evidence supporting use of honey as a wound dressing
Positive findings on honey in wound care have been reported from 17 randomized controlled trials involving a total of 1965 participants, and 5 clinical trials of other forms involving 97 participants treated with honey. There is also a large amount of evidence in the form of case studies that have been reported. It has been shown to give good results on a very wide range of types of wound. It is therefore mystifying that there appears to be a lack of universal acceptance of honey as a wound dressing.
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