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Mesitran clinical reports
The wounds that were evaluated were acute wounds (bruises and burns) and chronic wounds (diabetic, venous insufficiencies, arterial diseases and pressure ulcers). The most striking effect of the ointment is the quick debridement seen in sloughy wounds, then the faster healing rate in burns and venous ulcers. Another observation was that the Mesitran could be used in small and large, deep and superficial wounds and that no infections were seen during the treatment.
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Pressure sore - autolytic debridement
The fast debridement and malodour removal can be contributed to the autolytic debridement activity of the L-Mesitran honey ointment (Smaropoulos, 2009 & Milias, 2008). Especially since the patient developed an infected wound despite the fact that he was administered systemic antibiotics from the admittance to the ICU as part of the standard hospital protocol. The ointment was able to heal the very large infected pressure sore on the coccyx in appr. 5 months, without any adverse effects.
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